Oxygen addition

Biological relevance of oxygen

Plants require oxygen for growth. This oxygen is taken up in dissolved form via water uptake through the roots. The oxygen is relevant for the active uptake of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, but also for the formation of proteins and the production of dry matter. An oxygen deficiency in pouring water will therefore cause growth problems. In addition, dissolved oxygen levels are also relevant to substrate quality. High levels of dissolved oxygen increase competition in soil life, which adversely affects the development of pathogens. Dissolved oxygen levels also regulate the production of substances that suppress diseases and pests.

Increase the oxygen content in the irrigation water

IPS has developed a special (patented) Oxygen Injection Unit. This unit easily creates water with high oxygen concentrations at low energy consumption. Through an intelligent method of mixing pure oxygen with water, the water absorbs the oxygen efficiently and quickly. The oxygen used by the unit is filtered from the air.

Desired oxygen concentrations can be easily managed by the grower and the unit can be used in line with other water management equipment, or as a stand-alone machine. The unit is available in different sizes, depending on the water requirements of the greenhouse. This makes the unit applicable in a wide variety of cultivation methods, e.g. ebb and flow systems, outdoor cultivation, pot plant cultivation, substrate cultivation, vertical cultivation methods and various hydroponic systems such as NFT and DFT.

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