Water management

Custom made water installations
A key element of your growing system is the irrigation water quality. IPS supplies complete custom made water installations. We design all installations based on the needs of your greenhouse and growing system. During the design process we map all requirements of your installation in consulation with you and from there we determine the composition of the installation. Our philosophy focuses on tackling causes, not on fighting consequences. Our research based approach results in the use of the latest technologies and trends including smart sensing and machine learning. This results in sustainable and efficient products.

Oxygen supply unit and algae control installation
A lot of elements of the water installations we deliver are supplied by our partners.  However, our research based approach has led to the development of a patented oxygen supply unit within our company and the dealership of an ultrasonic algae control installation. These can be applied within our water installation but also stand alone in your existing installation.

Both the oxygen unit and the algae control installation can be used within our water installations, but we can also supply them separately as an element of your existing installation. Industrial Product Solutions will advise you on the possibilities and we will be happy to help you design the perfect water installation for your greenhouse and cultivation system.