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Why IPS?
Industrial Product Solutions BV produces original and innovative technological solutions for the cultivation of plants. We use the newest technologies in the field of growing, harvesting and packaging. Our systems achieve maximum yield with minimized inputs from natural resources and labour. To keep abreast of production technologies, plant varieties and market trends we continuously stay in contact with customers, growers and scientific researchers. Our main expertise lays in the field of hydroponics. Both the biological knowledge as well as the required technical know-how on this way of growing are present in our company. IPS’ ongoing research on hydroponics ensures you that we deliver the best possible systems there currently are.

IPS philosophy
Key in the philosophy of IPS is our integrated approach: we serve our clients with not only growing systems, but also equipment for water management and even LED’s! A good integration of these three elements is the basis of the success of our products.

Not only hydroponics
We do not only deliver hydroponics systems, but are also capable of developing new production lines for more conventional ways of growing. We always deliver customized work, in which the preferences of the customer are leading.

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