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TEIG is a fully automated hydroculture system (hydroponics) for the growth of mini indoor gardens. TEIG is developed by Industrial Product Solutions for the consumers so that they can cultivate the most beautiful flowers, the healthiest vegetables & fruits and most delicious herbs on the attic, in the cellar, kitchen or anywhere else without giving it a moment’s attention.

Optimal growth conditions
TEIG supports your plants with optimal growth conditions. The system consumes a minimum of water and nutrients and is very low in electricity consumption due to the application of LED lights. With its low electricity usage and high durability of the lamp it compares very favourably with any competitor in this field (all using neon lights). Further advantages are the easy cleaning of TEIG and a free choice between seed- and nutriënt packages.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is TEIG.tv_.png

With TEIG you choose for fresh foods, eco-friendly production and you’ll make a rapid return on investment.

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A Dutch television program about sustainability named: Doe maar Duurzaam on RTL Z

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