Deep Flow Technology (DFT) is a technology in which the crop is grown on a large pond. The composition of the pond is fully controlled by a water climate installation. In our DFT system, the plants are placed in a special float which lays in the water. The float is equipped with special plant carriers in which the plant hang above the water. Those carriers can be adjusted to different young plant forms, making the system applicable for many different plant species. In addition, due the flexible amount of plant carriers on a float, density of the crop can also be varied. The floats are made of whole blown plastic, namely polyethylene. This plastic can be cleaned very well, reducing the chance on disease and bacterial infections. Good to know is that the DFT technology in some cases is referred to as Deep Water Culture (DWC).

Advantages DFT:
• DFT systems have an enormous heat & cold buffer due to the large amount of water and nutrient solution in the ponds. This buffer is
also covered by a layer of insulating floats and limits the energy consumption for heating and cooling the nutrient solution.
• The growth of the crop is insensitive to technical disturbances; water and nutrients are always sufficiently available
• Floats are ergonomically designed and suitable for manual and automated systems.
• Ponds can be easily adapted to the dimensions of the greenhouse.
• Food, oxygen and CO2 are available without restriction, so that the plant can achieve maximum growth